Flats fishing Tournament Series, 20ft and has very dry ride. Plenty of locker space for all our gear. It is powered by 200 Yamaha. It has a Polling platform and recessed cleats and lights. Great Fishing Boat. Two live wells for those days using live bait and plenty of room to bring that third person. Inshore fishing on the Indian River Lagoon is such a pleasure but, you need the right kind of boat, tackle, knowledge and experience if you are going to target certain species of fish that the Lagoon has to offer. The boat you choose is very important to the type of fishing you will do. For instance, if your using life bait you will want at least two baitwells at your disposal. One for live shrimp and the other for live pin fish, pilchards, greenies etc. I never like to mix the two baits together. Second, locker boxes are a must because you may switch your game plan during the day so these lockers give you plenty of room for extra fishing poles but, are out of the way until needed. Plenty of room on the bow is very important when fishing three or more people. Ample room to navigate your boat while fighting your fish and not getting in the way of one another. More room for casting or rigging another pole while others fish. Just a few things to think about when considering the type of boat you want. On our boat the only thing missing is you.

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